Artist commission

Picture of plasticine models in a community

Funded through The Building a Stronger Britain Together fund, Partners in Creative Learning have been working with a group of students to explore themes of kindness and tolerance.

Through this process the group have identified racism as a topic they are keen to explore more and develop a positive narrative and way of sharing this through the production of a piece of artwork.

They would like to work with an artist, or group of artists to support, curate and mentor them through the process of design and creation of artwork.

They are keen on mosaic, but not necessarily in a traditional sense, it could be digital (film/photo etc.) of visual – the only underlying principle is to develop a concept of small pieces used to create a bigger picture.

Fee:£2500 including VAT for a maximum 10 days. There is also a significant materials budget to deliver the work and the community events.

For a full brief, please email

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