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Raising Literacy through arts based learning

Funded by a Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Explore and Test Grant, we worked with 7 Primary Schools in Stoke on Trent to explore a model of arts based learning that put collaboration between teacher and artists at the heart of classroom delivery. 

The purpose was to bring high quality teaching practice and high quality artistic practice together, where artists and teachers co-planned and co-delivered lessons, one day a week over 12 weeks, linked with literacy work and outcomes. 

The artist created immersive spaces and interactive learning experiences, supported by the teachers expertise and art of enabling learning. 

The project had significant impact when all elements were in place

(as always there were a few things that didn't quite go to plan)

The project saw 100% of the teachers cite an increase in engagement with writing through the project, with some pupils maintaining that engagement post project.


3 of the schools could clearly link this project to a rise in literacy attainment. 

Our aim is to grow this approach and champion arts based learning as a highly effective model of not only increasing attainment, but engagement and creative skills.

If you would like to read a summary of the evaluation data and report produced by Staffordshire Universities Education team, please get in touch. 

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