Living Archives

Working in partnership with Stoke on Trent City Archives and funded by the Heritage Lottery Young Roots fund, we worked with the youth group at St Stephens Church in Bentilee to uncover stories from their community and then reimagine those stories.

Led by ideas of the young leaders, we went off in search of stories at Stoke on Trent City Archives. We found tales of old mining towns and letters from the war, newsletters about local dances and the annual community fayre, 'Wassies' market and much much more.  

We saw maps of farms and collieries, where now, the houses of the young leaders sit.  

Working with 6 artists we collected the communities stories, through interviews, photographs, Facebook and held a Tea Dance to bring the community together to tell tales  of their past . 

The young leaders, working with the artists, created beautiful films, animations, websites with stunning photographs and theatre and music pieces enacting parts of the past. 

The youth group learned new skills, connected with their community, became more confident and most importantly a new found pride and respect for their community and the rich history that made it so. 

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